Quality training in water sports - QAW

DMYV German Motor Yacht Association e.V.
VDS Association of German Sport Boat Schools
VDWS Association of German Water Sports Schools
These water sports associations form the Working Group on Quality Training in Water Sports – QAW
The goal is to ensure a common quality standard to find a suitable training facility. Mandatory minimum standards have been defined for membership in the QAW, which you should pay attention to when choosing your school.
• The school is a member of one of the three associations and is managed by a training manager who has the necessary licenses.
• The school is recognizable as a school, i.e. there are information boards, signage, registration, an office, access to the training waters and other typical elements that indicate a proper training center.
• The school has a suitable place for theory lessons, sufficient changing facilities and sanitary facilities.
• The school conducts the training to acquire the official sailing licenses and other qualifications in accordance with the applicable regulations and guidelines.
• The training center has an appropriate number of trained teachers, with at least the training manager holding a valid training license for the respective sport. Schools with multiple branches mustmeet these requirements at each branch.
• The school has a sufficient number of training boats or a corresponding board park, which is stored and presented in a visually appealing way.
• All boats and sports equipment are of good design, size and maneuverability for the applicants and comply with the legal requirements.
• If the legal conditions or the particularities of the area require it, a safety-boat is available.
• There are life jackets for training on the water and for hiring, and for the beach sports, protective clothing against cold in compliance with appropriate hygiene regulations.
• The school uses training material in accordance with the applicable curricula and on the basis of legal regulations. Aids such as models, boards, flipcharts, tide calendars or other necessary media are used to teach the subject matter.
• Sufficient liability insurance is available for school operations and all training boats.
Further information on the QAW associations can be found here:
www.dmyv.de – German Motor Yacht Association e.V.
www.sportbootschulen.de – Association of German Sport Boat Schools


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