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Choosing and hiring is simple. Whether it will be surfing equipment, catamarans, laser dinghies, stand-up boards, canoes or kayaks, or a pedal boat or “inflatables” like a donut, a banana or sofa you will be spoilt for choice! Come by, select something from our range as long as you want.

Or just hire material that is not being used and happens to be available. By the way: We do not only take cash. You can pay by credit card or EC-card

Our top speciality: Our course programme (for beginners and advanced students)

Windsurfing, catamaran and optimist sailing as well as stand-up paddling, water skiing and wakeboarding: with us you will learn the water sport of your choice correctly from the outset.
And have a lot of fun. Shake on that! Don’t worry: You don’t have to be a sportsperson. Our experienced team of instructors knows full well that we all have different sporting abilities and learn at different speeds. Your success is our goal! That means, everyone will benefit from our courses and receive precisely the theoretical and practical support he or she needs! Whether in German, French, Italian or English.
Do you know what you want to learn to do on the water? Here is our price list for all the courses on offer in 2023.

Watersports Center La Chiappa

We are the ideal windsurfing school on Corsica. With us you can do windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking / canoeing, pedal boating and many more activities.


Windsurfing started in 1964 developing from surfing and sailing. In May 1967, the first windsurfer glided in the United States. The surf virus infected the youth ot the world. Ernstfried Prade and Yola Bichler opened the first surf school in Corsica, here at our base.
You, too, can learn this sailing sport, where you beome one with the wind and water in direct contact with the forces of nature.
Under the guidance of experienced surf instructors, you will be introduced to the secrets of this great sailing sport. You will learn to find your balance, to raise the sail and to glide across the Mediterranean. Our basic course will enable you to do this.
You are never too old to perfect your skills and gradually master the wind and the waves.
We also offer advanced courses: on the board, with the trapeze and into the foot straps, off you go in stronger winds.

Our courses

4-day VDWS basic windsurfing course

Usually Monday to Thursday, 10am to 12.30pm;
For those who want to learn it properly and later will be able to do it properly.
Equipment: board, rig, neoprene and shoes included
Preparation:getting to know the equipment (board, rig, clothing)
Practice:Basic manoeuvres: make up rig, start off; starting aids and stopping; Steer (lift and drop), turn, turn up and jibe in light winds
Theoretical knowledge:technical terms, information about weather and special features of the area, the nature code, right of way rules.
Number of participants:4 pupils per teacher
Duration:4 days, 2.5 hours each, 200.euros
Trial course: 1 day = 2.5 hours 70. euros (can be offset against the course price)


The catamaran is a boat with 2 hulls, in contrast to monohull boats it is wide and very stable on the water. They were first used by the Polynesians in 1500 BC.
Sailing catamarans are extra light and fast sports equipment. Our Hobbie 15 catamaran is the most common sports catamaran in the world. On board of this boat you will experience the unique thrill of feeling how it handles in the wind and water. Or on it, in light wind you can just enjoy the picturesque coastline alone, as a couple or a group of up to 4 people.

Our courses

Skipper trip

Content: Just sailing along and enjoying the trip.
Equipment: (wetsuit + shoes + life jacket) and skipper are provided. Just sail away!
Duration:1 hour
Price: 75 €

Trial course

Content : Getting an idea of catamaran sailing
Equipment(wetsuit + shoes + life jacket)
Theoretical knowledge: brief introduction to catamaran sailing
Duration: 1 hour
Price: 45 € per person for groups of up to 3 persons
You can progress to a full course at any time.

Basic course catamaran

All the basics of catamaran sailing in 10 hours. We train on “Hobbie Cat 15” catamarans. Experienced teachers instruct you in the fascinating art of cat sailing.
Equipment: catamaran, wetsuit and shoes
Preparation: getting to know the equipment (catamaran, construction; clothing)
Practice: Basic maneuvers: starting; starting aids and stopping; steer (wind up and drop off), turn, turn up and jibe in light wind, man overboard, capsizing and righting the catamaran
Theoretical knowledge: technical terms, information about weather and special natur code, right of way rules
Participants: 6 pupils per teacher
Duration: 4 x 2.5 hours
Price: 240 €
Qualification for the VDWS catamaran license is possible (an important requirement if you later want to hire a catamaran elsewhere on vacation).

Advanced catamaran course

Equipment: catamaran, wetsuit, life jacket and shoes included
Practice: Extended practical experience and advanced maneuvers: refreshing and improving previous skills. Trapeze driving, weight trimming, driving in strong winds
Duration: 2 x 1.5 hours
Price: 100 €


Man, nature and technology: No other sport combines these three factors so fascinatingly. It is the power of the wind that has been driving man and ship for millennia. Sailing is pure joie de vivre for millions of people around the world.
Feel close to nature. Have fun with friends. Accept sporting challenges. Experience adventure or just relax. For every age group and target group.

Our courses

Basic course

Content: Learning sailing easily
Equipment: boat, wetsuit, life jacket and shoes, all included
Preparation: getting to know the equipment (boat, rig, clothing)
Practice: basic maneuvers: starting, stopping, steering (lifting and dropping), turning, turning up and jibing in light winds
Theoretical knowledge: technical terms, information about weather and terrain, the marine countryside code, protecting the natural environment, right of way rules
Course size: 2 children per teacher
Duration: 10 hours to aquirw the VDWS basic license
Price: 200 €

The laser

The laser is the best known and most popular regatta boat. As a one-handed boat, it is the most common boat worldwide.
We are happy to hire out our laser to experienced sailors.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

The perfect combination of fun and body control
This sport goes back to Polynesian fishermen who used their paddle sticks to get around the sea in their canoes. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the SUP has developed into an independent water sport.
With our help you can learn this sport quickly.
Standing on a board and moving – a relaxing morning pleasure for 30 minutes in calm sea or a sporting challenge for half a day or a whole day, there are wonderful little bays to discover and use for breaks. The power to control the water while standing on a board will sweep you away and fun will become passion.
You will be able to surf with us on the 1st day. Trust the experience of our certified teachers.

Our courses

Basic course

Contents:Learning to use the SUP properly in 1 hour
Equipment : Board, paddle, wetsuit, life jacket and shoes included
Preparation: getting to know the equipment (board, paddle, clothing)
Practice:getting on, standing up, using the paddle correctly, driving forward, driving backwards, steering, stopping, turning
Theoretical knowledge: information about safety, information about weather and terrain, protecting nature, right of way rules
Course size: from 2 people, otherwise individual lessons
Duration: 30 Min
Price: 20 €
VDWS basic license test possible

Kayak and canoe

For athletic and contemplative persons
Rent a kayak or canoe and discover the deep blue to turquoise water on the Corsican coast at your own pace. So you can enjoy the beauty around La Chiappa in complete freedom.
In this way in the morning or evening, with calm water in twos, threes or fours gliding along the beautiful, picturesque coast to the Farina peninsula or Tahiti Bay and stopping to take a picnic, this is a must for every summer holiday on La Chiappa. Rent a boat for an hour, a half or a whole day and enjoy the fascination of this really special area.
We will equip you with life jackets, a waterproof material bottle and precise information about the area and the wind, so that you can safely enjoy this wonderful excursion.

Fun by pedal-boat

Cozy boat fun with the family as a change from the beach.
For children it will be a great fun adventure, especially because ot the raised slide; for adults the combination of viewing on the move will give a new aspect to the picturesque landscape of La Chiappa.
Price: 15 €/30 min

Water fun with these: sofa, banana and donut

A must on every vacation.
Tingling, exciting, fun, cross-generational, sometimes like flying. Time to be completely crazy ! Going alone, as a couple or a foursome, with friends or as a family connected by a rope with a motorboat, refreshing and fast laps on a buoy or a sofa on the sea trying to stay on the fun contraption despite the waves and not to be thrown off.
Fun for father and son, mother and daughter, families and groups of friends.

Our range

Sofa, banana and donut

Tingling, exciting, fun, cross-generational, sometimes like flying. Time to be completely crazy ! Going alone, as a couple or a foursome, with friends or as a family connected by a rope with a motorboat, refreshing and fast laps on a buoy or a sofa on the sea trying to stay on the fun contraption despite the waves and not to be thrown off.
Fun for father and son, mother and daughter, families and groups of friends.

Equipment: life jackets and wetsuits, dependent on the temperature
Best time: by arrangement
Price: 20 – 25 € per person 15 minutes

Hiring Equipment

Surf and stand-up equipment and a catamaran can be hired daily from May to October (except in the case of excessive wind or threat of storm). In bad weather (too strong, too weak wind, thunderstorm), the activity can be cancelled or aborted. An alternative date will be suggested to you.
All boating equipment, including catamarans, are checked daily for navigability.

Our range

Rental period

When: from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Departure point: La Chiappa surf center
Surfs and SUPs, kayaks, canoes and pedal boat: 1 hour, 5 hours (half day) or 10 hours (full day)
Catamaran (up to 4 people): 1, 3, 6 or 10 hours. It is possible to split the rental into several days.
Rental requirements: Knowledge and skills must be available for surfing equipment and catamaran rental.
We reserve the right to refuse the rental if the necessary skills are lacking.

"We gladly share our love for Water sports with you. Here with us learning is really fun!"

Gregor Heine | La Chiappa Watersports Center

Our equipment

At the heart of our Water Sports centre we use top notch quality equipment from such brands as Mistral, Fanatic and Starboard, with sails supplied predominately by North, Gun sails and Neil Pride, Hobie catamarans, Laser and Optimist sailing equipment. Ideal for all age groups and levels of ability.

Any more questions on courses? Then just send us an email.