Rules at the Watersports Center La Chiappa

Dear customers, for all activities within the Watersports Center you must complete a registration form and sign it to confirm that you have read and approved the rules below.

It is authorized for persons with sufficient knowledge of the activity carried out. The hires are solely responsible for the rented equipment, they must not lend the equipment or give courses. On your return, stop in deep water and you must not land directly on the sand or on the rocks.
The minimum rental period is one hour, except for the Stand Up Paddle (30 min). Subsequently, rental is by the half hour. Any use beyond the agreed hiring period will result in an additional payment.

For your safety and hygiene certain activities must be practiced dressed. Lifejackets are mandatory on boats. Ask us about the boundaries of the naturist zone, the particularities of the area (rock, boat, etc.) and the weather (wind, etc.).
The navigation is done in a limited area, the map is at the entrance door of the office. To warn us of a situation of distress, slowly raise and lower both your arms, waring, in a large motion and to your sides.

The Watersports Center declines all responsibility for any personal objects and equipment stored in the premises of the Watersports Center.
Take care of the rental equipment, any damage should be reported immediately to the Watersports Center. If you domage or lose our equipment you agree to reimburse it as new.

Payment takes place either at registration, at the end of the course or at the latest one day before your departure.


La Chiappa Watersports Center
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